Collect payments from Indonesian consumers with our automated bank transfer solution.

Payment Collection

Paymero supports the most popular and most reliable payment methods for accepting payment deposits from consumers.

Payout Processing

Paymero manages all outbound payments, payouts and refunds via bank transfer due to its speed and reliability.

Automated Bank Transfer

Paymero’s Instant Bank Transfer solution allows customers to make payments directly from their bank account by simply authorizing the payment via their online banking. The process is completely automated, so there is no risk with entering the beneficiary bank details incorrectly.

How it works?

  1. The merchant displays our bank transfer solution to the customer as a payment option.  
  2. Customers is redirected to their online banking where they simply login and authorise the payment.
  3. Funds are received instantly and are irreversible.

Supports all the major banks, including: Bank Central Asia, Bank Negara Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Mandiri Bank, CIMB Niaga.

  • Payment clears immediately; T+0 settlement.
  • Automated transfer, removing any input errors.
  • Payments are irreversible, no chargeback risk.
  • No proof of payment required.
Virtual Accounts

Virtual Accounts (VAs) enables businesses to accept payments via bank transfer, without having to open a dedicated bank account with each local bank.

With VAs, a single bank account is sub-divided to almost any number of ‘virtual’ accounts. As sub-divisions of the main account, virtual accounts are able to have their own virtual account numbers, statements, and balances.

Paymero has accounts with all the major banks and aggregates it’s own virtual accounts for use by its merchants. Paymero will generate a unique virtual account for every individual merchant transaction.

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Paymero is the most professional payment service provider offering solutions for the Asian market today! No other PSP’s can match the reliability and safety of Paymero. Highly recommended!

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